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Saturday, October 24, we’ll be doing a group ride out of the Ducati Austin (www.ducatiaustin.com for location) to the Harvest Classic European and Vintage Motorcycle Rally in Luckenbach, Texas. Event details also at ADOC site http://austindog.ning.com/ in the event section.

Where: Ducati Austin
Time: 9:00AM Kick stands up, come gassed up and ready to go.
Route: Approximately 90 miles on small to medium Hill country roads with some highway, taking about 2 hours. Depending on turn out we may break it into a few groups. Each group will be lead and have a chase rider so no one gets lost and everyone has a good time.

The Harvest Classic is a charity event to raise money for Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation. Saturday only admission is $10. Anyone who loves riding, owning, and looking at classic and European motorcycles and scooters or having a great time will love the Harvest Classic.

Ducati North America has also committed to a big presence in this year's event, and will have both the famous Duc and Hypermotard Truck out there, with demo rides available, so come out and sign up to ride a Ducati on the great Hill Country roads.

Ducati Austin has been participating as a sponsor for years, and will have a tent set up and some of their newest bikes on display so please come by and say hello.

More details of event at http://harvestclassic.org

Come out and joins us!
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