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I know its well over a month away, but was thinking of a long ass haul of a ride at the end of Sept. on the 26th. It happens to be my only Saturday off in the month.

So this is what I am thinking. Up to Hannibal on 79 ( its a good ride ) Then West on 36 to Monroe City, then South on 24 towards MARK TWAIN LAKE, crossing over the middle of the lake on 107, (Pictures of Ducs on the Lake). With a straight shot down 19 to Wellsville on to HWY CC to GAMMA to Hwy EE to DD down thru Truxton to HawkPoint on A to Troy then finish up on 61 to Wentzville. Which breaks into 40 and 70.

Its nearly 219miles plus whatever the travel to meeting point. So count on 5 to 6 hours to play around. There will be some nice twisters to cruise and some flat straights for the hammers!

Just let me know if yall have any interests.

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