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Anyone know what rpm it cuts out at? The search function on this site is not very helpful...
Can it be lowered/raised with the ECU? I don't really want to play with it at all but I also want to make sure if I do hit the limiter that I'm not wrecking my engine. When riding in a "spirited" manner I try shifting at 10,000 which should keep me away from the limiter (I'm guessing it's around 11,500?) but I've hit it a couple of times when I didn't shift quick enough (trying to get this GP shift thing down!). Just curious, still learning about these bikes. I never worried about it before on my Rotax powered Tuono or any of my SV650's but those engines are known to be able to take a beating (Ducati powerplant seems a bit more sensitive I've heard :) ).
Any opinions?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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