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So I just picked up a 1995 Monster 900 for next to nothing. It was in boxes, one of the "ran when parked deals." Begs the question why it was taken apart by I digress. I have it all back together now and now I need to get it back into shape. Aesthetically its decent, but the amount of electrical tape in certain sports suggests that it was more than likely not maintained well. Here's the second kicker, it has 45,000 miles

So far I'm planning the following
-check compression
-Fuel filter
-needle jets
-soak carbs
-check float level

What am I missing? Anything else I should do to the carbs? It has aftermarket pipes, should I re-jet the carbs? I'd hate to introduce that variable.

If I still have your attention I have second hurtle. When I put everything back together I tried to start it up (after changing the oil and putting a little magic mystery oil in the cylinders and turning the motor by hand). I was eventually able to get spark and gas (the plugs were wet) but I couldn't get it to fire. The starter is only good for a couple spins and then stops, on my third attempted the battery sparked and everything turned off. So I'm assuming I have a short in my starter and probably fried my new battery. Can you think of anything else I fried? Do you think I'm correct that the starter is what caused the short?



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I picked up a 95 Monster 600 for the wife this summer which had sat a long time...Was hard to start...finally tracked that down to the vacuum operated fuel valve which I by passed. Now it starts easily. But I also had problems with the electrical too, would try to start but then nothing, like a short or dead battery. It ended up being corrosion inside the ignition switch....You can test simply turn the key on. Then use a set of jumper cables and apply power directly to the starter. If she cranks right up, you now know where to look. Also will immediately know if your starter is bad. I would also test the battery, to rule it out.
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