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started my resto on my 82 SS

need some advice on tyres for limited use milage not an issue.
just grip and improved handling

looking at changing the fork springs as well ( bevel heaven)
shane tbird

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My friends with such Ducatis, and I with my '85 LeMans, all prefer Avon AM26 Roadriders, V-rated bias plys, replacement for SuperVenoms and AM22/23 (which are what I loved).

I find them great both wet or dry, currently using a 100/90-18 on the front (2.5") rim, 140/70-70 on the rear 4.0" rim (obviously not OEM).


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I just put stock size Pirelli Sport Demons on my '79 SS. Great grip and quickens up the steering, the bike is almost tossable now. Plus they have an Italian name.

Why are you changing the fork springs?

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