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Resonant sound at low RPM's, belts maybe?

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At maybe 3000-3500-4000 rpm's there's a resonant sound that comes and goes, definitely related to certain RPM's. I've reached down and tried to feel, I thought maybe the carbon belt covers might resonate, but haven't found what's making the noise.

Could the belts resonate like this if maybe the tension were off? Maybe something to do with the airbox? Airbox has been modified and is a little louder than stock.

Bike has 2500 miles, running great.
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I have seen belts vibrate in a GT1000 DS like you mentioned. at steady lower RPM there was a vibration, and on releasing the throttle from that RPM. It appeared that the front cam was quiet tight in the head with lots of drag. it was putting load on the belts.

Have you changed belts recently? do your cams turn freely in your heads?

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