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After some odd behavior, the tach needle on my PS has now stuck at a random position, whether it's powered up or not. On startup the needle will rev from there and get pinned even at low revs. Occasionally a restart used to re-set the tach, but now it will not return to zero. The bike is in mint condition, about 2100 miles on the odo. Just some kind of gremlin in that tach wiring or motor.
On another thread there are good suggestions for troubleshooting which I will look into, but my main concern here is this:
If I can't figure out a fix, the alternative is to swap out the entire dash which is not only expensive, it will result in the odometer's reset to zero. How significant is that for a moderately collectible bike like the PS? I'd certainly have service documentation showing the prior mileage, but do folks care about this enough for it to matter? No plans to sell the bike, so I guess it shouldn't be a big deal but it bugs me that there's no way to synch the odometer on a new dash.
What do folks think about the odo reset?
Just ordered the stepper motors from amazon. They don’t sell them singularly and they are sending me 12! I only need two. You can have a pair gratis. Just PM me once I get them I’ll send you two. You’ll want to swap both while in there. Cheers!
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