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What does one do on a rainy saturday afternoon, recovering from a total SC crash? :(

Right!! browse Ian Falloon's Ducati story, looking for tidbits.

Here's one: the 1974 bevel drive, spoke-wheeled 750 SS weighed 397 lbs, achieved a top speed of 135 mph and managed the quarter mile in 12.2 sec at 110 mph.:cool:

The 1976 860 SS was a couple of pounds heavier and did 12.4 sec at 109 mph.

Fast Forward 10 years: 1985. The amazing, belt-driven 750F1 Montjuich... wet weight of 178 kg (392 lbs) managed a top speed of 137 mph and a quarter mile in 11.9 sec at 113.5 mph :cool:
- a 750cc sportbike - with magnesium wheels, of course, introduced in 77.

In the 90s: the 900 SuperLight, with a weight of 436 lbs wet, a quarter mile of 11.8 sec at 113.8 miles, and a top speed of 136 mph

Fast Forward to the 21st century : the Sport Classic : 1000 CC HI-TEC with electronic motormanagment, twinspark, and steel spoke wheels.
I'm not sure about the exact metrics... close to the 30 year old 750SS, it seems.

No particular point to the story. Just that the SC seems to be a good "replica" after all.