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So my air cooled 1100s Multi got stuck in second gear. Here is what I found and how I'm fixing it. Please chime in if you know more than me!

After getting back home I dropped the oil, here is what I found.

The magnet for the speed sensor caught part of the spring, and the magnet for the oil drain caught another part, and the rest was stuck on the generator magnet. Surprisingly nothing was in the pick up screen!

So drop the filter, oil, and leave a large oil pan under the bike because there is still oil that will leak from the side case cover when you open it.

It will take a special tool shown over the inspection hole that will pull the cover breaking the three bond seal around the perimeter.

Remove the shift lever, and all the screws around the generator cover.
I numbered them because some are longer than others.

I ordered another o ring for the speed sensor, and while I was at it I got a bunch of crush washers and believe it or not all the parts including this spring were in stock at ProItalia (Thanks JoJo!!)

This is a pic of what u see when you open the side cover

When I was able to get the side cover off, I tied it in two locations to support it to avoid removing the yellow wires and the magnet assembly.

I then removed the flywheel with an air impact socket. I had placed the bike in third gear so everything on the engine would not move.

It goes without saying that I'm inspecting every part as it's exposed. I found a few spots that got whammies from the spring bouncing around, those were filed, sanded, and polished.
This is the flywheel and the starter clutch

I did not remove the starter clutch, but rather rotated it to inspect it.

Although a bit blurry, this is what it looks like with the shift lever assembly still on, I removed the two bolts on the bottom and it slips right out.

Above is the assembly.

Everything is removed, I inspected the needle bearings, and cleaned all the three bond off both mating surfaces.
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