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Replacing 796 brake pads - a few questions

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I need new front brake pads for my 2010 Hypermotard 796, but I'm having a hard time finding any information about the installation process (already searched the forums, google, youtube, etc).

Do you have to take the entire caliper off or can you just take the two pins out and slide the new pads in? Any tips would be appreciated! I'm not very mechanically inclined, but from everything I've heard, replacing the pads is extremely simple.

Also - any non-OEM pad recommendations? I thought the stock pads were just fine, but might like to try something new if it's worth it.
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Thanks, that's very helpful! One question:

7) Screw back on your calipers
Know if there is a torque spec for this? I wish I had the workshop manual for my bike...
Ignore that last link...theres a thread specifically about torque values on hypers http://www.ducati.ms/forums/92-hypermotard/52435-hyper-torque-specs.html
Thanks, that was the one thing I didn't search for - only asked because I thought you might know offhand, but I guess that's a pretty random thing for someone to remember anyway.

Regarding the link you sent - I've actually seen that link before, but it only contains the owners manual (which I already have), not the workshop manual (unless I missed it, but I checked through almost every folder). Anyways, don't need it now really since you sent me the torque specs page.
Thanks, will do!

I also just randomly found this step by step guide for replacing brake pads, for anyone interested - seems pretty helpful:

Ducati Suite- Brake Pad Replacement
The caliper bolts call for 45 NM / 33 lbft and using grease on the threads/bolt surfaces.

The service manual, maybe an online source, suggest pulling the pads prior to removing the caliper due to the tight clearances between disc and rim. More room to maneuver between the disc and rim with the pads removed. I followed this suggestion when replacing the front tire. Still on the original front pads at 17K. What can I say, I am no racer.

Suggest working one side at a time, so you always have a complete assembly to reference. Pull the pads, then pull the caliper. Place the used pads back in the caliper and use a screwdriver or "something" to twist in between the old pads and push the pistons fully back into the caliper. Make room for the new pad material.

Not mechanically inclined? Try just inspecting or pulling the pads first to confirm how soon you need pads. (yesterday, soon, next month etc) . Put that back together and check your confidence.

Be careful with the urge to over tighten everything! Pay close attention when you break the caliper bolts loose.

Good Luck.

Thanks for the tips! I have the stock OEM pads on there right now, so I'm just using the groove wear indicator to see how low they are.

33-lb/ft seems like too much for the caliper bolts...and some other threads have confirmed this suspicion. Shouldn't it be more like 18-lb/ft to 22-lb/ft?

I know that's what the workshop manual says, but it seems incorrect.
Appears you're plenty inclined. Sorry for the bother.

I'm not questioning your instructions, just questioning the amount of torque the workshop manual calls for on those bolts. My Hypermotard is my only mode of transportion, so I don't want to risk breaking the caliper bolt if the spec is too high.

I appreciate your help either way.
Wow, thanks for taking the time to post those detailed instructions, HH- super helpful.

I ended up ordering the OEM brake pads for $85 from ProItalia - just waiting for them to get here.
Thanks for the detailed instructions HH. My 796 needs new pads and I will be using your post as a reference this winter.

I have 12,000 miles on my original OEM pads. What kind of milreage are other people getting out of their brake pads?
My groove indicator is almost completely gone, and I'm at 8,500 miles or so. I do all city riding during the week though, so I'm sure that accounts for most of the wear and tear.
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