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Replacing 796 brake pads - a few questions

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I need new front brake pads for my 2010 Hypermotard 796, but I'm having a hard time finding any information about the installation process (already searched the forums, google, youtube, etc).

Do you have to take the entire caliper off or can you just take the two pins out and slide the new pads in? Any tips would be appreciated! I'm not very mechanically inclined, but from everything I've heard, replacing the pads is extremely simple.

Also - any non-OEM pad recommendations? I thought the stock pads were just fine, but might like to try something new if it's worth it.
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I replaced both pad sets this fall on my 796 and also flushed the fluid. It was a very easy job. I removed the calipers as that allows you to take a screw driver and twist it to press the caliper pistons back while the old pads are STILL IN PLACE. They do not screw back as someone else stated related to. I did deglaze the rotors with some 80grit wet/dry paper. An easy job.

I went with HH sintered Ferodo FDB2042ST front and FDB2074ST rear from Advanced Auto parts just under $100 shipped for the three sets.

These are the steps from my factory CD... sorry no pics for the numbers

Change the brake pads as follows.
Remove the cotter pin (2) from the pad retaining pins.
Withdraw the pad retaining pins (3) from the outside.
Remove the clip (4) from between the two caliper halves.
Force the caliper pistons back into their bores by forcing the old brake pads apart.
Withdraw the used pads (1) from the calipers.
Change pads that have a shiny or “vitrified” appearance.
Refit the pads as follows.
Insert the new pads and clip (4).
Insert the retaining pins (3) from the exterior of the caliper and secure them with the cotter pins (2).

Operate the brake lever repeatedly so that the pads are firmly bedded in against the disc by the force of the brake fluid.
Check that the brake fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir is above the MIN mark. If necessary, top up as follows. Turn the handlebar so that the reservoir is level.
Unscrew the bolts (5) and remove the reservoir cover.
Remove the inner membrane from the reservoir.
Top up to the MAX level with the specified brake fluid.
Refit all previously removed components.

Remove the cotter pin (1) (on the inner side of the caliper) from the pad retaining pin (2). Withdraw the pad retaining pin (2) towards the outside.
Remove the clip (3) from between the two caliper halves.

Force the caliper pistons back into their bores by forcing the brake pads apart. Remove the worn pads.
Change pads that have a shiny or “vitrified” appearance.

Insert the new pads and clip (3). Fit the retaining pin (2) from the outer side and secure it with the cotter pin (1), positioning the lip (A) so that it faces the wheel.

Some torq values in Nm
Front brake
Front brake caliper fastener (rh+lh) M10x1.25 45* GREASE B
Fastener securing front brake master cylinder to handlebar M6x1 10 Sequence 1-2-1
Brake bleed valve M6x1 10
Brake hose connection fitting M10x1 23
Bolt securing brake hose guide to bottom yoke M6x1 TBD
Swingarm pivot shaft fastener M48x1.5 75* GREASE B
Chain tensioner eccentric screw M12x1.25 31* GREASE B Sequence 1‑2‑1
Caliper mounting bracket pin fastener M12x1.25 33* LOCK 5
Chain slider fastener (upper and lower) M6x1 10 LOCK 2
Chain guard fastener (upper and lower) M6x1 10 LOCK 2
Fastener securing heat shield to swingarm M6x1 10 LOCK 2
Rear brake
Brake bleed valve on caliper M6x1 10
Brake hose connection on caliper and master cylinder M10x1 23
Rear brake caliper fastener M8x1.25 25* GREASE B
Rear brake pushrod adjustment M6x1 8
Brake pedal adjuster screw M6x1 2.3
Rear brake pedal light switch fastener M8x1 5
Rear brake master cylinder fastener M6x1 10 LOCK 2
Rear brake fluid reservoir fastener M6x1 2

I do not have a whole lot of miles on them and they look like they are still seating in but I am Very happy with the stopping front and rear. The front is a one finger only. No squeal.

Got a ride in today here in Central lower Mich 59degrees!!! This winter I will put in the Traxxion spring kit I have had since may and just have not taken the time to install

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