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Replacement sprocket ST3

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I have seen a number of posts advocating going to a 42 tooth sprocket on the rear. If I do this, do I need to change the chain as well? Pros and cons of this mod? Any recommendations on the best source for a replacement sprocket?chain?
Thanks, Jack.
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Accoring to the MY2004 user manual on pg.90, the ST3 has 15/42; same as my ST2.

If you're new to Ducati, you should just leave it in a lower gear. I don't use 6th unless I'm above 65 MPH. I find that when I'm on a zesty ride, usually on the highway, and shifting to make traffic shrink in my rear view mirrors, I often find myself looking for a 7th gear. So I don't think that 15/42 is all that bad.

As a rule of thumb, don't use the engine below 3500 rpm, this or lower is usually lugging the engine, unless you're going down a hill, dn just maintaining a certain speed.......it's much happier around 4K. I betcha this is why a lot of the ST3's shake their horns off.
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