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Replacement sprocket ST3

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I have seen a number of posts advocating going to a 42 tooth sprocket on the rear. If I do this, do I need to change the chain as well? Pros and cons of this mod? Any recommendations on the best source for a replacement sprocket?chain?
Thanks, Jack.
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FatguyRacer said:
Good thread. I was wondering why i'm going so fast in 6 at 5000 rpm and i see that i have a 15/40 setup. Kinda crazy realitive to the Monster. I seem to never get out of 3rd gear on secondary roads. According to the gear calculator, theoretically i can top out a 167 mph. Yahoo!
Yep. For mine I originally (obviously) had the 15/38 factory gearing with the 525 pitch chain. I went 14/40 and kept the factory 525 pitch chain as it was in really good shape. Now 5000 rpm gets me 84 mph on the speedo in 6th gear. I can actually use 6th now on the highway below 90 mph...hurray! No, I don't have any swingarm issues with the reduced count on the countershaft sprocket. :)
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