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Replacement battery for 01 M750

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Need to replace old. What are the popular choices? I remember finding a thread at least a year ago on this board about a Yuasa alternate, much cheaper but just as good. Searches have turned up nothing.

Here's what I have from some online source I found about Duc electrics, but I'd like to know what some of you more Duc-educated are using:

Fiamm-GS F19-12B (19 AH, 200 CCA)
GS Battery GT12B-4 (12 AH, 200 CCA, 10 lbs.)
Yuasa YTZ12S (11 AH, 210 CCA, 10 lbs.)
Power Source WP22-12B-4 (10 AH, 220 CCA, 15.5 lbs.)
Odyssey PC680MJ (19 AH, 280 CCA, 14.7 lbs.)


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I personally prefer the Yuasa

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I like Yuasa's too, but I just recently wound up with an Interstate for my '97 (since Yuasa no longer makes a battery that'll fit) and I've been quite pleasantly surprised. So far.
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