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Recently just got married and we took our dream trip to Italy for 12 days. We rented a Multi Strada through Joe at Ducati Tours, which dealing with Joe was a blast! Hes a great guy and runs a great business.
We started our trip in Venice then proceeded to a Villa outside of Florence in the hill country of Tuscany. We only had the bike for 3 days but we rode it as much as possible. Our first day trip on the Multi was to Bologna up to the Ducati Museum, we wanted to ride the Futa Pass which I read is used by Ducati test riders. Riding in Italy by itself was amazing, every road is a joy to ride on in the country areas, the Futa Pass was amazing, turn after turn of excitement. Once we hit Bologna we went to the Ducati museum and then we headed our way home. On the way home with took mostly highways, I wanted to see how the Multi felt on the highway, wind protection was great and it had great road manners at speed.
Our second day trip was to Siena, I found a nice country road (408) that ran though a big winery area and we took our time stopping at all the wineries and filling the givi top case with wine! 408 was an awesome road, again I was shocked how every road was amazing to ride on. Once in Siena we did some more shopping and then we headed home. On they way home I let the GPS take us out of the city and it took me on a few roads that turned into dirt which was cool to see how the Multi would do on dirt. Considering the Multi had Mich Pilot Power Race tires on it, it did great on the loose gravel roads, I would love to see what it could do with a good seal of dual terrain tires on it.
Our last day with the bike we had to go to Florence to pick our car up but we still got out a little before dark for a quick sunset ride, which was again, amazing.
When planning our trip I didn't know if I should rent a familiar ST model or Multi but now I am glad that I got the Multi, kind of makes me want to sell my ST for one. :D The Multi is a GREAT motorcycle! Very easy to get used to, great 2 up riding, handling is A+. Overall amazing machine!


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