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Bombash said:
We are going to try to do a lot more next year .. maybe one/month during the summer when we have less chance of bad weather, so maybe five/six every year. We got a late start this year and most weekends were already booked. We lucked out at Reno with a weekend cancalation at the best time of the year. I hope to get couple of weekend spots from THill next year. That place is close enough that Sundays would be nice.

I can see doing 3 or 4 max from a management standpoint. This is all done with just a few of us on a volunteer basis. Once we establish a core of riders then the program will run without the added anxiety of who pays the fees. However, it still requires time and effort at the track, we just have to hit the right balance. Personally, without extra volunteer help I can see burn out and the quality of the events go down. I would rather just do two quality events a year with all the perks than a bunch of ho hum track days. Middle of summer is not my cup of tea at any track. I've done a middle of summer track day, never again for me. Actually, our two events this year are theoretically perfect weatherwise, May in Reno and Sept in Willows. To be honest that was our intention as far as dates were concerned, weather is a big factor when it comes to having a good time. We got lucky.

We have to be low key in view of the trackday politics too. But yes, we want to make it an annual event and so special you will want to tell your friends about it too. So lets start right now, tell them about Reno-Fernley and Thunderhill!
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