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I've Finally Bought My First Ducati After What Seems A Lifetime Of Wanting And Waiting And Have Gone For The 749 Dark.. Beaut!!
I've Never Been A Fan Of Stock Bikes Or Indeed Exhausts And Although Termi's Are The Norm And Sound Ace - I Think They Are Ugly As Sin On The 749 And So Have Set My Sights On The Carbon Remus Pair...

Anybody Got Em And Could Advise? - Purchase & Selection Does Not Appear To Be That Easy.
Few question?
- Do I Need Deep Or Standard Sump option?
- Should I Buy The Mid Pipe Or Slip Ons Or Full?
- When Ordering There's No "dark" Selection - Is It The Same Fit System As The Regular 749?
- Is Assembly Hard?

Any Help Will Be Really Appreciated...
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