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Removing mesh filter with oil in?

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Ok I need to replace the little washer for the little bolt underneath the mesh filter. I thought at first I need to drain out all my oil. However when I had my bike on the sidestand I noticed in the oil sightglass that the oil barely shows. This got me thinking that maybe I can remove the little mesh filter bolt without draining oil. I'm figuring the oil will be on the left side of the bike enough so that I won't have it all drain out the mesh filter plug or the mesh filter. Thoughts?
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Which bolt are you referring to? The little "screw" under the meshfilter, sort of "under" the engine? Those are a b*tch to get tight and dry. I ended up using both a crushwasher and loctite.

The meshfilter is pretty tight, so make sure you use a perfectly fitting tool if your removing it.

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