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Regulator Rectifier final installation advice

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OK so after arriving home from a ride the other night, I smelt/saw noxious smoke coming from the regulator. Today I bought new RR, and after a couple of hours work, test fired the bike up, and she works. Hurrah!

I know to many of you guys thats a beginners job, but, im feeling pretty chuffed because, well, I am a beginner when it comes to mechanics, and particularly electrics.

Anyway its dark now, so will finalize my work tomorrow but a few quick questions.

Oh and the RR unit I have is like-

Buy New Regulator/Rectifier Ducati 1-Phase - Direct battery connection 900SS (93)

though without the inline fuse. It connects straight to the battery.

1- Cleaning out the old Red,Red, Black and white wires, I simply snipped them off from the burnt RR and wrapped them up in electrical tape. Where do they run to, up to the fuse box? I'm guessing thats where they are but having trouble identifying which 'plug' to pull, or can I leave the old wires taped up, though that feels lazy and a little dodgy.

2-The White cable is for the battery charge light, right, where do i send that guy, he's pretty short

3-I have simply taken the easiest route with the red and green cables to the battery, probably should zip tie them to the frame yes, or any elegant recommendations welcome. Also the wire protective coating seems pretty thin, should i wrap the cables in something.

3-General Q, when disconnecting a battery its Positive first then Negative, then when hooking up its Negative first then Positive?

Thanks in advance guys, sorry if it seems im asking silly questions, just want to learn.


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