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History: Have a 900 S2 1983. Dad bought it new. Over a period of 10 years the regulator burnt out 4 times. Took the bike in to Ducati SA to sort problem out. Changed the alternator (Changed 3 phase to 2 phase), regulator and wiring. 3 burnt-out regulators later the bike stood in a garage for a number of years.

Bought the the bike to redo. Redid all the wiring etc, etc... bought the regulator from bevelheavel shop. Did all the prechecks, got the road worthy and ready to go. 50 km later the regulator was smoking, another regulator gone!!!

Does anybody know if this is a common problem with the 900S2 and what can be done to rectify this? I'm open to any ideas.

O,yes. The regulator, alternator was working fine/correctly after it was initially installed.


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I went through five regulators before I figured it out.

Just replacing the regulator without addressing the root causes of it's failure (undersized stator wires, shorting of the insulation-damaged wires inside the common sheath, and overheating of the regulator due to inadequate cooling inside the fairing) is a waste of time and money. Replace the wiring, eliminate the in-line connector and relocate the RR first.

Here's a link:

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