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regarding all 1-phase 748 owners

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go mount your bike, pull off the left fairing, radiator hoses, cracksase, crankcase nut, slide off the alternator, slide off the flywheel, remove the flywheel, then reassemble what you disassembled but keep the flywheel off. do an oil change in the process and clean things up.

the bike runs much, much smoother w/out the flywheel. there are no problems with stalling, no problems with up or down shifting, no problems with clutching when taking off from a dead stop.

the bike "feels" lighter and revs much smoother, is more responsive, and better than before. it feels like the power curve has lower some, which makes riding easier.

im sure some of you guys will dissent but i thought i'd mention this ever talked about topic with a first hand account.

to date, for a mildly capable rider, a 748 (with no/lightened flywheel, 45mm exhaust with fim/matching eprom, 14/40-41 gearing) is enough of a bike, it keeps up in everything but the straits.
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