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After getting some feedback from some customers, I redesigned the 6 mm Closer Shim Assy Tool so it may be used without removing the opening rocker arms. The tool now is used with the opener rocker installed. It is basically a simple puller. It has been lengthened a bit and a window added for the opening rocker to sit. The threaded bolt now acts on top of the rocker arm instead of on top of the valve stem. The result (to seat the closing shim on its tapered collets) is the same.

Some Testestretta motors allow the opening rocker arms to swing up and out of the way from the top of the valve stem. The 6 mm heads (749S, 749R, 999R, 1098R) do not.

This Assembly Tool along with the 6 mm Valve Holder tool allow valves to be adjusted without removing the heads.



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