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hey guys sorry i havent been out much, been busy with work and out of town most chance i get.

though while working i saw a red duc, i believe a 1098, it was across the intersection not sure, rider had on a red tex.jacket. headed west on the rock road at ashby at apprx. 1630 hrs. most likely coming from donaldson's. didnt think it was vito, the rider wasnt all pimped out :D.

just seeing if it was anyone in the club, or maybe i should start pulling all the ducs i see over and start pimping the club by force! speaking of which, we or i can print up some club business cards and pamphlet raid every sitting duc we see out on the road. i will also speak to Val at Donaldson and see if i can drop of some flyers to give to the people that buy ducs from them to info them of the club!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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