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Recommended improvements to early Supersport 900 ('90)

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I have just bought a 1990 900SS and are selling my 97. I know many think I am changing to the inferior model, but I love the looks and actually sit better on the 1990. I know much can and have been done to these so I would like to know which modifications You recommend to improve the bike. Engine, electrics, forks, wheels the works.
The bike is supposed to already have the 851 clutch, hi comps and 40 Dellortos fitted
I have some parts left over from the 97 that were never fitted like a Andreani Misano cartridge kit a Nitron R3 rear shock (will try to rebuild this to the correct length) and FCR 41s as well as a couple of later 900 engines.
Should I look for some later 41mm USD forks and fit the cartridge kit or sell these and look for something else. Should I look for crowns with different offset from the original?
I know the wheels are the same as the Paso, are these woth saving or shouldI look for something else?
I also have two later 900 swingarm, one square from a carby and a ie /ds swingarm. Are any of these worth fitting?
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Nichols engine mounting bolts, worth the price...

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