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Recommend an indy shop around Phoenix

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I'm a new owner of a 2016 1299 panigale. It had an oil change at the dealer I bought it from right before I purchased it (not the local dealer). It is triggering for a service because I have 7500 miles and it doesn't know any better. After 2000 hard miles, I don't mind doing another oil change anyways.

There's a Ducati dealer literally within a mile of where I work, but I think I'm getting quoted a bit high for a 7500 mile service. I was quoted over $700 for an oil service. Not even a desmo service.

I've worked for car dealers my entire adult life, so I REALLY hate to be "that guy", but F me. I see the list of checks needed; are they visual checks or is there disassembly done?
Does the Ducati maintenance manual specify to take the bike apart? In the car world 3.5 hours (what they quoted me) would be a hell of a lot more than visual checks.

I'm happy to do my own services at these prices. But, I have no way to reset the maintenance light.

I'd like a second quote from a shop not affiliated to the chain store down the street.
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Give these guys a try

They’re actually an MV Dealer but they have some very talented mechanics with lots of Ducati experience. They even have a machine shop in the back where they make some custom parts. Last time I was there a local Ducati collector had his entire collection in to be looked over. Always a good sign imho.

I had them rebuild the forks on my 1198SP - excellent work for a reasonable price. I do my own work for the most part but, if and when I need some help, I’ll take my bikes there.

Give them a shout. Not sure if they have a DDS but maybe they can help you out.
I’ve heard good things about them. I called a week ago or so for something else, and they were very anxious to help. I liked that.
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