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Recently Totaled ‘08 Hyper 1100S

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I recently got into a bad accident and have received a few serious injuries. Riding down the main road at 40mph I was caught off by a minivan entering my lane of travel and the test goes without saying. However I will be receiving my bike back from insurance in a few weeks and will be stripping the bike and parting it out. Just wondering if this forum is a good place to post a For Sale thread? any other popular locations for used Ducati I parts?

I’ll have the full termi 2-1-2 exhaust without the muffler available for sale
rear marchesini wheel for sale
Brembo calipers
super lite sprocket set up with ducabike cover and a nice black/gold chain
etc. will post more and pics later

just let me know any good places to post these parts for sale?

thank you

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You can list them in the Parts and Accessories classified section. Items listed for sale anywhere else in the forum is not allowed. Please note, items listed require posted prices. If you want to auction them off, there's eBay.
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