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Recent opinions on PIAA Xtreme White H4 bulb?

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Hello all!
Recent change in 'geographics' has me in need of better nighttime illumination.
Already changed from stock to Sylvania Silverstar, better than stock, but still wanting more. Have done a search, PIAA Xtreme White H4 looks promising.
Supposedly handles vibration well and gives twice the output with the same voltage. Anyone running this set up? Vibration/longevity/heat issues? Really nice and bright? Worth the $$$? Looking for recent FHE here...

Ride Safe!

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I've used these almost exclusively for the last 7+ years. Tried Silverstars and found they did not last as long. I buy them in the automotive "two-pack" which brings down the cost per bulb. I've also tried the "Super Plasma GT-X" but couldn't justify the extra $. There also is now something called Xtreme White "Plus" which I've not tried yet (maybe the replacement for the Xtreme White?).
if they only come in a twin pack, i'll take the second one. Let me know.
if they only come in a twin pack, i'll take the second one. Let me know.
I will indeed let you know.
MY recent encounter with "The Easter Deer's Cousin" whilst riding thru the back part of Griffith Park as well as last Sat's nighttime PCH-past-Malibu sojourn ILLUMINATED the real need for a brighter headlight...
:think: :rolleyes:
my vote is to go full HID, ballast and all. i got these on my 749, and have every intent on installing a set on the gt as soon as i get her. been running a year with no issues, and the price is reasonable.


only consideration is where to hide the ballast on your bike, but they are small (about the size of a deck of playing cards) and im sure there's a place thats not too obtrusive.
I put one of the extreme white plus bulbs in my bike as I do alot of night riding outside of city limits and love it. The bulb is just about a year old with no problems. Roughly 7,000 miles on the bike since instal and no signs of damage to the housing lens or wiring that some people claim can happen. It wasn't cheap as you already know but I will buy another when the times comes to replace it.
Philips MotoVision

This one is very popular at the moment and delivers extremely bright light…

Thanks for the info and input, Gents!
Thinking I'll go the PIAA route and see what happens...

Ride safe!

Resurrecting this thread...
The low beam on my 3 year old Silverstar bulb finally burned out...
Thought I'd give the PIAA Xtreme White Anti Vibration H4 a go.
Hoped it'd be worth the 20-30 Xtra bucks.
YES, very much worth the extra $. I feel like I have a REAL headlight now. :D
Much brighter than the Silverstar.
Actually lights up the road in front AND has a useful high beam. Can now be out in the country/canyons after dark and easily see those 'about-ready-to-jump-in-the-road' deer from a distance instead of when I'm only like 3 feet from them...
Small cost for a great upgrade!
I just bought these last weekend and now I am annoyed that I hadn't done it much sooner (like the day I bought the bike 4 years ago!) :mad:

Nice upgrade!
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