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Looking at buying my 3rd bike. I've had a Ninja250 and Yamaha R6 in the past. Been looking for a used monster. Found a 07 695 with a rebuild title. Guy bought it at an insurance auction and fixed it. From the looks of the damages and vertical scratches, the guy thinks it was dropped in the garage and not a slide. Here are the work done on it.

-Gas Tank. Scratched, did not leak. It was repaired.
-Right muffler, replaced w/ stock Ducati exhaust.
-Y-Pipe leading to both exhaust, replaced w/ non-stock pipe.
-Front brake lever and master cylinder, replaced w/ stock Ducati parts.
-peg bracket
-rear blinker
-Seat and rear fender is scratched. Not fixed.

I met the guy and he seems like a honest man. Family guy with wife and kids. Selling the bike cause he doesn't ride it anymore now that he's busy shuttling kids around in his truck. The bike looks brand new. I checked the frame the best I can and didn't find any damage. Bike has 2,200 miles on it. Guys is willing to let it go for $4100. Is this a good deal? I know it has a rebuilt title. Is there anything else about the bike I should check up on? Advice? Tips?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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