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Rebirth of my 998

1952 4
After a few months of downtime due to a slow speed (40-50 mph) lowside, my baby is just about complete.

Took her out tonight, just for gas, came back with pics. My wife was like WTF, about the pics. She doesnt understand!!!

Anyhow, thanks to those who helped out with locating parts, selling parts, and all the good advise I received. I was able to get State Farm to pay a "modified" repair estimate, after the original estimate came back at nearly $24K. Im not going to say I made any $$$ on the deal, but I'll had got the 6000 mile service, a second set of fairings, and a bunch of CF items and almost break even. And the best part is, NO SALVAGE TITLE, Im so stoked!!!


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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