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Rearsets, MS4R?

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Considering the unique needs of these single sided swingarm bikes, who all makes rearsets for the MS4R/MS2R?

Prefer adjustable only.

Thanks in advance!

Pictures would be greatly appreciated as well since here @ work I'm limited to seeing many of these sites. :(
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I have DP on my S4Rs but you can check out others at Motowheels.com...John
Yeah -thanks, I'm familiar with Motowheels, I just can't get to it here @ work.

Was hoping to get some suggestions and pics until then.
Besides the DP parts, folks seem to be running mainly Sato or Rizoma rearsets. Desmo Works also has "Style & Performance" rearsets available to fit the S4R/S bikes. Everything I found was covered in the $450 - $650 range.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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