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Rearsets comparison...

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On my 999 I have some fixed rearsets. I believe they are CycleCats given the embossed logo on the carbon heel plates. I'm sure they're great for track days but I like to ride a lot and these are not comfortable for the street at all. The bike is fairly comfortable for me although after 100 miles or so the seat starts to hurt my bony ass. I took the bike for a longer ride than normal and the one thing that sucked was the foot cramps. I rode a friend's 748 recently that was outfitted with some Gilles rearsets. What a difference! It was like sitting on a couch compared to mine and VERY comfortable. I also just picked up another 748 with a friend and ended up riding it home, a distance of about 125 miles. It was outfitted with stock pegs but had some kind of bracket on it that allowed it to be lowered another 2 inches. Also very comfortable although it looks a little hokey.

Anyone with Gilles on their 749/999 series bikes want to comment? Who's got comfortable rearsets? I like the looks of the Gilles but if there's something else out there that feels even better I would be interested... The Black on Black with More Black 999 I did last year has some Acculign rearsets on it. I didn't try to adjust them but I did ride the bike. It was also pretty high up, probably real close to the setup I have now. Not sure how adjustable they are but the customer is taller than me so I can't imagine they are comfortable for him.

So what do you have? Pics are cool...
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i've had em all...... vortex, aculign, you name it...... the best for my money are the black sato 2's I just got.... they don't have a million settings like the aculign's but do you need them adjusted to the millionth degree? The sato's are sticky, durable, cool lookin, and just enough adjustments! I promise you won't be let down by them!

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Might look into the Satos. I do have the Cyclecats like the ones above on my 748. Those are definitely not the ones on my 999. I've never seen those on another bike. Someone said they are Corse rearsets and the carbon heel guards are just from Cyclecat.

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I have Gilles on my 749R and there is a ton of adjustment. You can lower the rear sets for more comfort. However, comfort and superbike just don't belong in the same sentence imo :) I have only had Gilles on my Ducs so I can't comment on the other brands.
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