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Rearset Frame Tab Protection?

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I've done some searching on this subject but haven't been able to come up with anything.

I have 1098 and am wondering if anyone sells a product to help protect the rearset tabs on our frames that bend so easily.

I run stock rearsets with folding foot pegs and I've now had to pull back both sides after minor lowsides at the track. Oddly enough the rearsets themselves haven't been bent in either incident. Although I know no bike is designed to be crashed, it would be nice if Ducati improved this design.
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The frame tabs are supposed to bend to prevent damage to the frame.

Speedymoto sells beefier frame tabs if you want them, but you'll have to get them welded on and have the area repainted.

The Speedymoto frame tabs were designed to replace broken frame tabs.

Most of the time the frame tabs just bend a little--they are easy to bend back.
I've actually had better luck with solid foot pegs that break off.

The only time I bent a frame tab was when I had folding pegs on the bike. Once the rear set folded, the energy had no where else to go.

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