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Rear Turn Signal Color Question

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I have been working with a few customers in the design of the FLEDA System for the GT.

One of my customers wants RED Watsen Design LED turn signals instead of the AMBER ones I have been using. No problem, Roger Watsen is supplying the RED turn signals, but this brings up an interesting question.... can you use RED "lights" for rear facing turn signals?????

I believe that in most of the USA that AMBER (yellow) turn signals are require on the front of most vehicles, but I am not sure about the rear turn signals and I don't have a clue about the rest of the world.

I would like some feedback on where using RED "lights" for rear turn signals is LEGAL and where it is not legal.

Related specifically to ALL the FLEDA-NeX Systems with the exception of the FLEDA Systems using the Watsen Design Turn Signals, the main advantage to me (PAK BIKES LLC) is that the cost of the flexible LEDs would drop by half AND I could put them in a nice RED tube making the LEDs much less visible when not lit. Additionally I would have 2 less wires to deal with between the flexible LED strip and the electronics. Currently there are 5 wires and this scheme would cut it down to 3 wires.

Thanks in advance,
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Per Oregon Vehicle Code:

Section 816.120 Turn signals. Item (3) re "color of light indicated" "(a) Front turn signal lights may be white or amber. (b) Rear turn signal lights may be red, amber or yellow."

There's also this bit, FWIW: Turn signals shall be understandable in normal sunlight and at a distance of 500 feet at night.

from page 342 of the 2007 edition.

So outside of the fact that they're NOT D.O.T. approved, you're perfectly good to go!:D
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