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Rear sprocket for SSA bikes?

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Hey guys, I'm looking to replace my sprockets/chain as they're starting to get a little worn. I'm a little confused about changing the rear though as it's my first time doing it on an SSA bike. Almost everywhere I've looked only sells sprockets made to work with the quick change sprocket carriers. I don't need that ability and especially don't want to spend a couple hundred on the carrier itself. Can I not just get an OEM style sprocket and mount it using the existing hardware?
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Single sided swingarm =SSA

I usually recommend the quick change route if you have any plans to play with gearing or simply keep the bike long term. The cost to convert to a quick change is almost the same as oem and some times a bit more THE FIRST TIME. After the first time you will be able to buy less expensive rear sprockets so the savings are on the second replacement, some tips on buying a quick change.

1. Know that most are proprietary pattern so buy a brand that should be around a while, if you buy a pattern that is no longer made or you simply cannot get you will need another carrier and then there is no benefit.

2. buy a brand that offers steel rear sprockets so you get longevity, aluminum can be cheaper but you may be getting 1/2 the life of steel.

3. make sure the cush drives are captured so the drive rubbers cannot shift into your hub if they become disconnected, you will damage the hub without knowing if this happens. Most aftermarket carriers have tabs to prevent this.

4. I use 90% oem cush drives with no issues, the urethane ones are nice but are not needed.

If you decide Not to go the quick change route look at supersprox for a oem type replacement. Oem may be the longest lasting but at the highest cost.

Good luck,
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