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I have a mono and looking at the two there is a differance so order the mono ductail not to biposto, and good idea keeping the scratched one as a going away for the weekend get pissed and scratch it more dosent matter already scratched. :)
Hey fellas.

Like an idiot, I scratched the hell out of the rear cowling when getting off my bike late the other night after a show. :mad: Note: boots with buckles and and a monoposto DON'T MIX! http://www.classicboots.com/moto/hipoint2.htm

Anyway, I want to get a new cowling for it, and use the scratched one when I use a tail bag on long trips.

My question is -- do the rear cowlings match for the monoposto and biposto? Mine's a single-seater and I want to make sure I order the right one. Thanks!

I meant to add that mine's a 2006 - if it makes any difference.
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