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The Bi-Posto cowl will not fit a Mono. there have been prev. discussions on this simple desire and unfortuntely, there's a diff.

I was just talking to Johnny Crash the other night about this at Ducati Night here in the Bay Area as he wanted to fit a Bi-Posto on his Mono. I know for a fact that it doesn't work as another rider and I tried swapping a PS cowl (which is the same as a Mono) onto my 1000S (Bi-Posto) and vice-versa = No DICE.

The Bi-Posto seat length is longer than a Mono.

Regarding your cowl, personally, I'd seek a decent body shop to simply attack it with a water-sand and re-shoot of the clear. It'll prolly be less than buying and or finding another cowl. Just because it's scratched, doesn't render it useless although visually less appealling. I'm sure a local body shop could knock that out for you in 1-2 days.

Here's a link to a prev. discussion:


Let us know how it goes...

BTW: Love the boots
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