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suggest you try loosening the rear brake adjuster on your bike, as a similar issue happened to me on last world presidents meeting in italy when i was riding a multistroodle in similar heat.

the rear brake pads were dragging just a little on the rotor, causing the brakefluid to heat up, and coupled with the ambient heat of that day, caused the fluid to expand just enough to cause the pads to push even further into the rotors, which heated the fluid even more ... and well, you see where this is going.

so ... once the rotor/fluid cooled down, i loosened the rear brake plunger adjustment about 2 full turns, then flushed the fluid. the rear brake never caused any issues for the remainder of the trip.


was riding my bike down the freeway for about 5 miles in bout 107 degree weather,and when i pulled off the freeway exit i noticed my bike was tugging a little bit and later discovering that my rear brake was grabing alittle shut the bike off let it cool down for 30 min or so and it was fine.prior to this checked fluid level in resivoir and was fine,also didnt have foot resting on brake pedal so im confused i wouldnt think i was overheating brake?anybody had similar prob with rear brake?:confused:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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