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Rear axle torque?

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Hello all! New owner here. First post. Forgive me if it's been covered, but I'm picked up a used '03 999 and I'm working without an owner's manual. Is the rear axle nut a 36mm and what is the proper torque? The previous owner had the chain set way too tight I think.


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Velociphile said:
Yep 180Nm +/- 5%. That's 133 lbft.

If you haven't got such a high range torque wrench, give it 70Nm (50 lbft) and then 1/4 turn.

I just had the dealer install new tires after taking a nail in the rear Battleaxe. When I got home 100 miles later I noticed the shifting was "clunky" and sure enough, the chain was way too loose. I measured 2" (50 mm) from the skid plate down to the chain rivet. After a lot of adjusting/re-adjusting I got it to about 35 mm and the adjusters lined up even against the swingarm marks with just over four lines showing. (I know those marks aren't the best way to align, but I didn't have anything else.) I tightened the adjuster locknuts snug but not over tight but then I realized I don't have a torque wrench that goes to 180 nm. So I just used the same breaker bar I used to loosen the axle nut to what felt like the same pressure and called it a night. I was going to hit a Sears tool store soon, but I wondered if this method is an adequate work-around.
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