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Rear Axle Nut Torque

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How can the rear axle nut on my Hyper have been torqued to 176 nm but require 400nm to get off? I can't say that it will take 400nm yet since it's still on the axle. Seriously this nut just stripped out one of those fine aluminum double sided sockets with half inch drive. The half inch square drive on my breaker bar twisted right through the female half inch drive hole in the socket. Should I visit my local Caterpillar dealer and borrow a 1" drive impact socket and his 1" impact wrench? I have seen all the questions as to whether it's left handed or not and seems like I'm not the only problem child out here. What seems to be the best method for getting these off?:mad:
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A three foot pipe wrench You got one of them in your tool chest? What is the Aluminum Double sided socket. Did you have to get someone to hold the front end down ?? Lots of fun ain't it...
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