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Last week, I was, you know, riding really, really fast - like almost 80 mph a couple of times. And, well, my bike was like being really loud and fast and stuff and girls were like checking me out and stuff 'cause I was going like really, really fast and stuff. Yeah, and I was at a light and pulled up next to a Speed Triple and we got going really, really fast and stuff, like we were racing or something. And, I got up to like 60 mph in a 45 mph zone and like I blew his doors off. Well, he was on a motorcycle, so he really didn't have doors. But, if he did...I would have blown them off 'cause I was going like really, realy fast and stuff. And then we stopped at the next light, 'cause it was red and stuff. And, he said, "Man, I really wasn't trying to go really, really fast and stuff." And, I said, "Sure, Dude. You were lik trying to go really, really fast. But, I like blew your doors off." Then I said, "Well, you're on a motorcycle, so you don't really have any doors. But, if you did, I would have blown them WAY off!!" Then, he said, "No way, Man!!" So, when the light turned green, I took off really, really fast and stuff. That was cool!!! :eek:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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