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ready to do the belt change

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i was wondering where everyone gets their timing belts. is there a place to order them at a discount, and get them in a reasonable time. i bought some valve cover gaskets and an adjustment tool on ebay. I'm also considering a shim assortment, but don't know enough about it at this time. i definately plan on doing my own maintenance. your thoughts. thanks.
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Mike on here has a kit from EMS that is great for having shims!....belts offhand I know are attainable for about 30-40 bucks...but I can't remember where offhand!
CAlifornia Cycleworks and Desmotimes for belts.
If you should decide not to go through Chris @ Cali Cycleworks (a highly recommended resource in my book) I'd say hit up your local Ducati dealer. Just be sure to get belts with red lettering and not the older, white lettering. The red lettered belts are kevlar woven; the white ones have been discontinued. I've seen some going on ebay for cheap, which is appealing sure, but they won't be so appealing (nor cheap!) if they fail. Something important like that - go through a trusted source, don't worry about price.
Not sure where you're writing from but I'd say give Chris a call or else MotoWheels. I'm pretty sure they carry the belts in stock. Moto?
i checked with ducati seattle, and they have the belts and he also directed me to EMS for the shim kit. the red letter kevlar belts are a must have. my bike is a 2001 model with 8 k miles. i got it used so i really do not know the maintenance history. its 4 years old and i really don't drive it hard, but i'll bet the belts are original. its time to do a maintenance. thanks for the reply's and suggestions
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