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RKA luggage is on sale for 20% off, you pay for ground or air shipping on everything that is in stock.
You have to CALL 707 836 7659 to order as there are NO sales buttons on our website
Until further notice there will be no luggage or premium color orders. RKA has CANCELED all 2020 events. Want SENA products? Call and we’ll talk.


After having to lay off our employees and Kathy and I sheltering in place, and almost shutting completely down, we decided to do something about it.

We have re-purposed the business model even pulling out machines we have not used for a while and hiring new employees. READ THIS …. We have our employees back in the shop and working!!!

RKA is now back ordered on protective face masks for the general public. As we ramp up and catch up, we will be looking for more in need … like YOU or any agencies like, Fire, Police, EMT’s, hospitals, Grocery stores, dept stores, restaurants, ANYONE that needs them, so get your supply and please help us get the word out to others.

Kathy and I hope you ALL our safe, healthy, doing the right thing, and have the best 2020 you possibly can.

RKA Mask Page

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