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I had a friend forward this email to me and I have seen a few threads about this and thought I should forward the info. I hope it has not already been posted. If so then I apologize.

California Cycleworks December Newsletter

New Product: Throttle Shaft Seals

We got reports from mechanics at dealerships that sometimes, a customer's Ducati will exhibit poor idling and low speed running and they troubleshoot the problem and eventually find there is a vacuum leak at the seal behind the TPS (Throttle position sensor) -- or one of the other 3 seals. These are not available from Ducati; nor are they even on the market! Worse, the only option for the customer is to buy new throttle bodies from Ducati, which normally cost more than $2000. California Cycleworks is the innovator again. First we scoured the industrial marketplace for these seals and found that it is a mash up of 2 other seals but no one makes this exact size. We sought the help of seal manufacturers across the US and ended up having to go to Canada to find someone willing to get the job done.

As always, California Cycleworks used best of industry practice and had these made in Viton. To help technicians keep track of which have already been replaced, we ordered them to be made in red. Actually, red makes everything faster, so that's why...

These seals are the same in all models!


Chris Kelley California Cycleworks

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Thanks for the support in posting this! The seals are in stock and available to ship now.

Throttle Shaft Viton U-Cup Seal (ea), 4 Per Bike Required | ca-cycleworks.com

Merry Christmas everyone!

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