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I've posted this on a private forum but I thought you guys might enjoy a viewing.

I rode down on Friday , leaving at 7am, with a planned visit to a very old friend at Kempsey. Hadn't seen him since about 1973 or so.
I think he forgot I was coming and when I called from nearby his wife had no clue who I was and was almost rude, but we smoothed that out and I turned up. It was completely amazing, with many heavily constructed buildings and an amazing mansion that he's built her overlooking the great Macleay river. Sorry I felt it would have been impertinent to start snapping pics on my phone. But the house was like no other I've seen with enormous timbers and views to die for. I'll take photos next visit as we are invited back there. You guys will be gobsmacked. This delayed me for 3 hours and I arrived at Gloucester by about 5pm and to Bretti by nearly 6pm.
It was still just light but the Richards [R and P] had a tent already put up for me and I didn't even have to share it with either of them. It's nice having staff. :lol:
The reason was sad, because Rocket Rod had arrived with this brand new tent but had been unwell with some medication for his Rheumatoid Arthritus and had left , declaring that there would be no more camping for him and that after I had used it the tent could be trashed. I did however save it.
So on Friday night we had a few beers and a bottle of port and half a chook and tried to meet a few people and it was quite laid back and friendly.
Next morning the coffee and egg and bacon roll lady arrived so brekky was sorted. There weren't many people there at that stage but gradually a few more started rolling in during the *day. I went to town for beer and ice which I installed into my top box which makes a perfect ice bucket. Beetle made an appearance and the first words I heard him say was that he'd just gone to have a look at the new V85 and he got absolutely no movement in his nether regions, whereas he got a hardon with the Griso we were standing around and positively blew his load over Tony's 1200Sport. It was a pleasure to have a chat with him and his super brainy mate Tony who works at Lucas Heights nuclear reactor doing all kinds of particle acceleration analysis and I only half understood about a quarter of it but it's always refreshing to be in the presence of brains.
Anyway there weren't enough things really going on that evening, the campfires were limited, unlike the previous time when Moz and I donned the head lights and crashed as many parties as we could find and got into several with a bit of interesting banter. Instead the fire that Rich and Andres had paid for , a whole load of wood in fact, was overtaken by a bunch of complete strangers and we resorted to the main fire which was scantily attended, till finally at a fairly early hour we were the only ones left there. Maybe we had BO.
Oh yeah and the sound system was pissweak and the music was shite.
Next morning I packed early and hit the road at about 7am heading up Thunderbolts onto the freezing Table lands. It was a nice clear sunny day but I froze my fucking tits off. I had leather pants over jeans so my legs were OK but my riding boots didn't cut it and my fabric jacket with two jumpers had me shivering and my semi summer gloves had me with close to frostbite pretty much all the way to Uralla. I even stopped to put the wet weather overalls on but they were so tight I almost had them on but panicked that I wouldn't be able to get them off by myself so abandoned them on the road.
Had a coffee at Uralla and then another at Ebor where I fell asleep on the lawn in the nice warm sun.
Then the long thrash to Grafton through the twisties and the long straight Summerland Way to Casino and I was home by 3pm. Saw very few cops.
Apart from that deadly cold I didn't get a sore butt at all and with the lowered pegs only a slight knee ache which wouldn't have happened with a few more stops so that was a bonus.
The only problem I had with the bike was after filling in Gloucester I parked with the rear downhill to a curb outside the pharmacy and when I came out there was petrol absolutely pissing out from under the fairing.
I started it with trepidation and relocated to a different park with no more leaking so it must have been syphoning out of the overflow next to the filler. That was a bit tense, as I would have hated to be broken down on a Duke with all those Guzzisti about.
Anyway it [the Fringe] actually did happen so here are the photos to prove it. Being limited to 8 photos I'll post twice more to cover it.

First stop at Grafton on the way there.

Duke making friends with Ballagio

This trike was powered by a Datto engine and I was impressed by his setup time for camping. One minute!
Less impressed by the fugliness and the extremely scary home made front end.

Beetle explains to Tony how he attempted to shag the V85 up the pipe but was beaten away by the girl who owned it.

OK this photo might appear out of focus but that's just how it was. It's a Yamaha 175 two stroke that has plastic jerry can panniers and has come over as much land as possible including Africa all the way from the UK. You'd be out of focus too if'n yer did that shit.

I don't know if you have an opinion of the possible genetics of this machine. Maybe I'll see if anyone can pick it.

A nice old T3 with dubious heritage as it belongs to Lawrence who shoehorned an EV engine into a loop so who'd believe anything he said after that.

A recidivist.
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