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I have posted a WTB ad, and scoured the interwebs with no luck.

Ohlins has one side LH (I think) #01593-14 but not the right side. I'm currently overseas and do not have access to my bike.

If anyone has an FG43 fork laying around can you tell me if the left and right parts are mirror images of each other? Plan C right now is to purchase the LH part and have a machine shop mirror the part and possibly knock out a set for uniformity.

Plan A is to order a set from a retailer in the states although I suspect they dont actually have the part. Plan B is to get a set of the Moto Corse Ergal bottoms but they have not yet replied.

anyone have any insight? would simply mirroring the parts violate some engineering rule? anyone have a set laying around? I'm open to suggestions.



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