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I note 2 facts:

* Ducati is to produce a limited number of road-going Desmosedici RR (released 2007?)
* MotoGP rules for 2007 require a max engine of 800cc & few kilos of INCREASED min. weight.

I make 2 conjectures:

* Assuming a simple “sleeved down” desmosedici would not be competitive enough- that Ducati Corsa are working on a new version of the engine to incorporate various developments of the previous 4 years (new barrels; pistons; rods; cranks; cases etc) as to allow the 2007 desmosedici to be classed as a ‘new’ prototype.
* That the Desmosedici RR’s produced are based on the 2004 MotoGP bike design- the year that Ducati announced the RR release. Also if enough (200+?) are produced this would allow WSBK homologation without invalidating- given the above- the 2007 MotoGP desmosedici homologation.

This could result in:

* Campaigning of V4’s by Ducati in both MotoGP & WSBK in 2007+.

I understand that:

* I don’t know enough about the respective racing rules as to say whether this speculation is absurd or reasonable.
* Ducati in general & CEO Minoli in particular stress ‘Ducati = V-twin for the road & for SBK’.

Surely this speculation has occurred:

* At Bologna in Ducati SpA or at least Ducati Corsa.
* In your own mind or others who know more that me.

?? !! ??- what say you?

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Ducati does react to strong demand

chiromikey said:
IF they make enough. i don't think we'll see a desmosedici rr in wsbk. i fully expect a displacement increase for ducati in wsbk...especially after hearing fim's position that their rules follow market trends, NOT vice versa. that to me means that if ducati builds it..."they will come".
Actually I don't think ducati will allow Desmosedici RR's to get into WSBK in 2007....BUT!...2008 or 2009? Two years can be along time in racing, especially if you are not near the top of the leader board.

Ducati has, in the past, made quite categorical statements about production figures of a new bike, pre-release, only to revise both production numbers & scheduling quickly after the market has been tested & the reaction has been strong.
(I believe this was the case for Sport Classic; MH900e; several 'R' models- but not 100% sure)

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