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Racing rules speculation

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I note 2 facts:

* Ducati is to produce a limited number of road-going Desmosedici RR (released 2007?)
* MotoGP rules for 2007 require a max engine of 800cc & few kilos of INCREASED min. weight.

I make 2 conjectures:

* Assuming a simple “sleeved down” desmosedici would not be competitive enough- that Ducati Corsa are working on a new version of the engine to incorporate various developments of the previous 4 years (new barrels; pistons; rods; cranks; cases etc) as to allow the 2007 desmosedici to be classed as a ‘new’ prototype.
* That the Desmosedici RR’s produced are based on the 2004 MotoGP bike design- the year that Ducati announced the RR release. Also if enough (200+?) are produced this would allow WSBK homologation without invalidating- given the above- the 2007 MotoGP desmosedici homologation.

This could result in:

* Campaigning of V4’s by Ducati in both MotoGP & WSBK in 2007+.

I understand that:

* I don’t know enough about the respective racing rules as to say whether this speculation is absurd or reasonable.
* Ducati in general & CEO Minoli in particular stress ‘Ducati = V-twin for the road & for SBK’.

Surely this speculation has occurred:

* At Bologna in Ducati SpA or at least Ducati Corsa.
* In your own mind or others who know more that me.

?? !! ??- what say you?
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amullo said:
Except that Ducati have stated on several occasions that the Desmosedici RR will NOT be competing in WSBK..

But i would want it to..

that doesn't stop some privateer with the moola to do so if they make enough of em!
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