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"These motorcycles are almost identical to Model Year 2005 SS1000F. In order to be brought into the United States for “Racing Purposes Only” the following components have been removed: Front Headlamp, Rear Tail Light, Mirror, Turn Signals."

MSRP: $7,999"

wow so what this means is the lights and mirrors on my bike are worth 3 grand?
damn well ill sell mine for 2 grand to anyone who wants to take this steal of a deal! this way i can buy new replacement lights and mirrors and the termi exhaust im saving for, prolly still come out ahead. :p :D

At least they tried to be clever in moving the left over '05 models out, let me guess, they had about 30 left over they need to sell? :p

BTW whats the 'F' for in SS1000F? (I would guess france? are there different street spec requirements for various countries in europe? that could get expensive to produce, I had just assumed there was US model and European/everywhere else model)
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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