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Quick question on the axles and speedo in front wheel, 99 750SS

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Alright, just a quick question (or two, or three :p). After finally getting both the wheels off and inventing new curse words, I noticed the speedo attachment on the front wheel looks like crap! I have a terrible picture here, as my phone is bad at being a camera:

Wondering what to clean it out with?

Also, the axles I am assuming are dry axles. What should I clean those with? If they are not dry axles, what should I lube them with?

I bought some Moly lube for the chain tensioners, as described in the desmo times book. I used to use simple green to clean everything on my old bike, as that was highly recommended, so I picked some of that stuff up. Also have Dupont Teflon multi-use for chain-lubing.

Also, anything else I should look at while the front and back wheels are off?

Thanks guys!
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I am assuming that your Simple Green is the same thing as our Clean Green.

IMO this is the MOST brilliant cleaning solution EVER, I've used it for a very long time now and use it on just about everything in and around the house. I am aware of the concerns regarding this stuff, but I can honestly say that it has never damaged anything that I have used it on, it will either clean it or it will not.

Use it undiluted for heavy cleaning, like on very dirty engines, use a brush and rinse thoroughly with lots of water, rinse and repeat if necessary, to remove oil staines from the workshop floor, spray generously, scrub a bit, let it dry, spray again, scrub again, rinse with water, repeat until stain is out, also safe to use on carpets and upholstery.

For dirty overalls and the dogs bedding, use 100ml. and just put it in the washing machine, smells great.

For geneal gleaning around the house, mix 50-100ml. in a 25L bucket of water, also safe for leather (just remember some leatherfood after cleaning).

For windows, mix 20ml. in a 25L bucket of water, cleans without leaving streaks.

After cleaning you can just dump the remains on the lawn or in the garden without any ill effects.

For me, this stuff is a life changer, try it, experiment with it, you will probably be pleasantly surprised.
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