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Quick question on the axles and speedo in front wheel, 99 750SS

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Alright, just a quick question (or two, or three :p). After finally getting both the wheels off and inventing new curse words, I noticed the speedo attachment on the front wheel looks like crap! I have a terrible picture here, as my phone is bad at being a camera:

Wondering what to clean it out with?

Also, the axles I am assuming are dry axles. What should I clean those with? If they are not dry axles, what should I lube them with?

I bought some Moly lube for the chain tensioners, as described in the desmo times book. I used to use simple green to clean everything on my old bike, as that was highly recommended, so I picked some of that stuff up. Also have Dupont Teflon multi-use for chain-lubing.

Also, anything else I should look at while the front and back wheels are off?

Thanks guys!
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I've heard Simple Green is bad for aluminum.
...Awww crap. Well, haven't used it yet, but that means I'm out like $6. On the website they're basically saying don't leave it on for more than ten minutes. Kerosene doesn't cause problems? You just apply it with a toothbrush or dunk the parts in it for a bit?

You think I can use a little bit of moly lube on the axles?
Whilst the front wheel is out, you may wish to carefully pick out the bearing seals, so they can be reused, wash out the bearings and repack with high temp bearing grease to prolong their life.

I should get the Workshop manual. Desmotimes is good, but it seems to be lacking in some areas.

I was confused about this, however. When I delivered my wheels to the local bike shop, I delivered the front wheel, rotor and all. Only thing missing from it was the speedo piece, which is on my garage floor. Didn't inspect it closely enough to determine where the bearing was, which was shortsighted of me. I don't remember if I took the back one out or not. If it's like my old bike, the back wheel bearing/the cover was not fastened to the wheel; you could just pull it out.

I'll pick up some lithium grease as I assume it's different than moly lube. i got a huge tube of the moly (for like, $10) so I could probably get away with using it on the axles right?

As for the rest, I might use the simple green sparingly on the speedo piece just to clean it up as I think it's plastic. Kerosene for the rest!

Edit: the thing I am confused about is where exactly the wheel bearing/seal is in the front wheel.
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I wouldn't worry too much about the wheel bearing seals. Just check (with your finger) that they rotate nice and smoothly. Nothing that feels 'lumpy' when rotating the inner (the bit the axle goes through). Wheel bearings are cheap, and easy to replace. i.e. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

As for lube for the speedo drive - make sure it's a HIGH TEMPERATURE grease! Not the place you want to have grease melting, then leaking out the speedo drive. Can make stopping kinda interesting.

Be careful putting the wheel/speedo drive back in, as it's easy to crush the drive plate (large washer like bit with tabs), which will stuff the speedo drive plastic lugs, or seize it. DAMHIK.
I had to replace the plastic gear on mine a while back - and they're like rocking horse doo-doo to obtain. Even the factory had run out of stock, took months before they got another batch made.
Wow, I'll keep this in mind! Thanks! I bought lithium grease....somehow doubt it's high temp. Would high temp RTV work instead?

jajaja kidding. I'll look for a high temp grease. The lithium was $3. Not sure I care.

I bought a can for Kerosene. Gonna pick up a gallon tomorrow. IIRC it's safe on plastics, so I was just going to use the pan I use to drain oil into. Gonna soak the axles for a bit then toothbrush them.

Edit: Uhhh Punch? Didn't receive the PM. Keep in mind, two months ago I was barely changing my own oil in my car. Saying I'm a greenhorn is an understatement. Learned a lot in these two months. Is this manual in Greek?
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